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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a simple and powerful ancient technique, used to rapidly alter your physical, mental and emotional state.

It’s an incredible tool to usher in transformation, it’s accessible to anyone, and is very simple to use. You can practice breathwork at any time, once you’ve learnt the techniques.

Depending on which breathwork technique you practice, it can help you to deepen into relaxation, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, or feel more energized, alive, and focussed.

Just 20 minutes of breathwork practice each day can have a massive and lasting positive impact on your physical health, your mental state and your emotional wellbeing.

Why is Breathwork So Powerful?

It’s quick, easy, and can be done anywhere

Stimulates holistic physical self-healing

Cleanses and purifies the bloodstream

Creates heightened states of consciousness

Helps to clear negative thoughts & beliefs

Increases overall motivation and energy

Online Learning & Practice

"Breathwork is utterly simple, takes almost no time, requires no equipment and can be done anywhere! There’s no single more powerful daily practice."

Andrew Weil, MD.

The Marcel Hof Method is much more than a simple breathwork technique. It is a complete holistic practice, that helps you to access your immense internal power, facilitates mental and emotional de-conditioning, and gives you the tools to create a truly powerful experience of life.

Combining breathwork, movement, cold exposure and quantum hypnosis, the Marcel Hof Method is the key to true strength in the face of adversity, so you can confidently overcome any challenge in life.

Each technique has been carefully developed over 40 years of practice, combining the 4 core principles of the Marcel Hof Method, and giving you a complete toolbox for deep and lasting personal mastery.

What is



Many doctors and psychologists are now turning to breathwork as a viable option for emotional, mental and physical health.

Rhythmical breathing hyper-oxygenates the body, improving the pH level of the bloodstream and creating a stronger bioelectric current and electromagnetic field throughout the body.

This activates the natural and innate supportive chemistry of your cells. In this heightened state, negative emotions are easily released and cleansed.

Controlled movement, synced with conscious breath, induces a trance state, which allows you to become more aware of your body, but not be controlled by it’s reactivity in stressful situations. This helps us to continue acting consciously when facing difficulty in life in general.

The movement that Marcel teaches heats up the body and helps in getting used to regulating your reactions to physical sensations. With regular practice, you’ll be able to regulate your core body temperature without external stimulus.


Cold Exposure

Extreme cold can have a myriad of physical, mental and emotional benefits. Aside from strengthening the body, mind and spirit, cold water can create lasting changes in your body’s circulatory, digestive, lymphatic and immune systems.

Cold Therapy has been used successfully to help reduce inflammation in the body, balance hormone levels, and improve sleep, which all contribute to your general wellbeing.

The Marcel Hof Method also uses cold exposure as a trigger and a metaphor for facing adversity in real life situations.

A proprietary method for deep transformation, Quantum Hypnosis is combined with the Marcel Hof Method breathwork techniques to elicit and release limiting patterns, beliefs and traumas from childhood, by reframing how we perceive them.

When combined with the D.A.B. technique, you increase the power of the body, which reduces the power of negative beliefs.

When combined with the D.I.C.E. technique, you’re able to approach trauma and old stories from a non-reactive zen state, making it much easier to work through.

Quantum Hypnosis

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1. Access Your Internal Power with Breathwork

All the techniques in the Marcel Hof Method are based on the foundational truth that there is immense internal power in each of us, and that it can be accessed through committed practice, so it can be used in all areas of our life.

Whether it’s through releasing your internal blocks with Quantum Hypnosis, facing adversity in a controlled environment with Cold Exposure, or changing your physical, mental and emotional state with Movement and Breathing, Marcel calls it ‘accessing the Internal Drug Store’, and it unlocks the immense power within you.

Core Principles

2. Effectively Face and Overcome Any Challenge

The Marcel Hof Method guides you to unlock your innate ability to face challenges with strength and poise. By giving you the experience of facing adversity in a controlled environment, you can train yourself to be able to face adversity in real life.

Each of the Marcel Hof Method techniques work seamlessly together, to help support us in unwinding the old inaccurate stories we’ve told ourselves, and the patterns that come from them. Breathing taps you deep into your unconscious, so Quantum Hypnosis can work its magic, while Movement and Cold Exposure give you the strength to move through these limiting beliefs and patterns.

3. Decondition Your Negative and Limiting Beliefs

As you go deeper into the practice of the Marcel Hof Method, old stories, thoughts, beliefs and patterns will come closer to the surface. And when they do, you’ll be guided to use these techniques to effectively clear, reframe and transform them.

Again, each of the Marcel Hof Method techniques are built upon this core principle. Breathing puts you in an optimal physical, mental and emotional state to face adversity. Movement and Cold Exposure both give you a physical familiarity with your body and gives you control over how it responds, while Quantum Hypnosis helps you reframe your relationship to challenge.

4. Create the Most Powerful Experience of Life

This is the underpinning principle that drives Marcel on his lifelong journey to help others. It’s the primary principle that all the other principles are based on. After 40 years of exploration and practice, Marcel is absolutely convinced that this principle is true for everyone.

Reprogramming ourselves to be the happiest and most powerful we can be doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can do it more quickly than you might imagine. The Breathing and Movement practices tap us into our power, the Quantum Hypnosis clears away the internal blocks and the Cold Exposure gives us a visceral experience of just how powerful we can be.



The foundation of Marcel’s powerful teachings, we begin our transformational journey with Dopamine Activation Breathing. This technique improves your general well being, releases trauma, relieves stress, anxiety and depression and offers a host of other scientifically proven health benefits. This 5-day course alone will totally transform every aspect of your life.




The Dopamine Activation Breathing technique is one of Marcel’s most powerful and effective tools for improving a sense of well being, releasing trauma, stress relief and a host of other scientifically proven health benefits. This is a 5-day course that will seriously transform every aspect of your life - now available as an audio only course!


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Once you have begun your Marcel Hof Breathwork practice, the next step is Deep Immersion Cold Exposure. This is Marcel's signature technique, and is designed to prepare your mind & body for direct exposure to extreme cold. Use this powerful technique to effectively get out of your head and into your body, before moving into an ice bath, or cold shower.




Now that you’ve experienced the incredible power of this proprietary system of breathwork, and the incredible effects of cold exposure, it’s time to take it to the next level. Developed by Marcel and his brothers over 40 years, the Hof Chi movement effectively changes your internal chemistry. Now you’re ready for exposure to some of the coldest temperatures on earth.



Re-fire and rewire neural pathways, reprogram unconscious limiting beliefs and bring in the ultimate vision for your life, through the power of Quantum Hypnosis. Marcel's signature technique, combined with breathwork, is used to anchor in all the insights and transformations you will experience during advanced breath sessions, by using the power of your unconscious.



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What people are saying

"You are not a victim anymore.

You are the director"

-Marcel Hof

More About Marcel Hof

After 40 years of practice and exploration, Marcel Hof is one of the world’s most experienced breathwork facilitators, and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the field of breathwork.

Having touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, Marcel has dedicated his life to helping others access their internal power, break free from outdated or limiting thoughts and beliefs, and experience themselves as the truly powerful beings they really are.

Born in the Netherlands, Marcel was one of nine children. Within the family, there was a philosophical divide between two camps; the intellectual and the experiential. Marcel naturally fell in with the experiential camp of the family, along with his brothers Ruud and Wim, and together, they loved to push the boundaries of human potential through the experience of extreme conditions and practices.

This early exposure to extreme practices (such as exposure to the ice and harsh climates) ignited a deep passion that led Marcel to continue practicing, and eventually, teaching breathwork and other yogic and shamanic techniques.

Marcel Hof has two daughters, is based in the Netherlands, and spends much of the year traveling with his partner Anicca Vos, to teach transformational workshops.

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